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Third Party Inspections (TPI)

Cotecna provides in-depth inspection and quality assurance services including Factory Audits, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision.

Cotecna provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry vertical.

Cotecna’s independent, third-party quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.

Our inspection services include:

Factory Audit

Cotecna Factory Audit service verifies the capability of a manufacturer to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery terms. Such assessments are often tailor-made as per a client's needs and requirements. By availing of this service, we eliminate the need for a client to be present on-site at the manufacturer's plant or factory.
When goods are sent for production Cotecna as third party inspection agency monitors quality control in 3 stages of operation:

  1. Raw Ingredients
  2. Process of manufacture, and
  3. Inspection of the finished product.

Raw materials inspection

The scope of Inspection is combined with sampling and is the most important part of raw material inspection. A sampler must be reliable.

Knowing the supplier of raw material and the supplier’s method of manufacturer it greatly influences the degree of inspection to be carried out. Bulk delivery for raw materials are delivered to large factories in tank truck or rail tank cars. When the trucks arrive at the receiving factory the contents which are delivered in to the storage containers must be inspected first.

Sampling and Testing Coordination

Our inspectors can select a pre-determined number of samples from production at a factory and seal them, label & send them to our accredited material testing laboratory for testing according to customer requirements or witness at Manufacturers laboratory after auditing the equipments and capability.

Initial Production Check

The inspection team from Cotecna can perform a visual inspection of products as available at the beginning of the production cycle against a client's instructions and Purchase Order specifications. The "Initial Production Check" when combined with a "Final Random Inspection" and any other on-line production checks, helps in taking corrective actions at an early stage of production cycle. The inspection team will send out intermediary reports to the client and keep them informed about the production progress relative to the delivery terms.

In-Production Check

The inspection team performs a visual inspection of products as available during production. The inspection team may subject some products for random material testing. The in-production check service helps in reducing the final random inspection failure risk.


Random Inspection

Cotecna inspection team performs a final random inspection comprising of a detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment. It is generally conducted on the premises of the manufacturer, on samples selected according to defined sampling procedures. The inspection criteria covering quality, quantity, marking and packing are based on the client's specifications and reference samples, as provided. Upon completion of the final random inspection a detailed inspection report is sent to the client.

Random Inspection service can be performed in conjunction with the "Initial Production Check" and "In-Production Checks." Upon completion of this inspection we will issue Inspection Certificate certifying the product quality.

Loading Supervision

To further manage the product delivery, the Cotecna inspection team offers Loading Supervision which involves, "as appropriate," the checking of the container / vessel condition, identification of the loaded packing units with the previously inspected consignment, tallying of the total number of shipping packing units and sealing of the container / cargo hold if and to the extent required. On completion of loading Supervision a detail report is issued to our client.


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