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Marine Surveys

We undertake a wide variety of consultancy, surveys, inspections and audits in the Marine field. Inspections are carried out on behalf of  shipping companies, cargo underwriters, third parties, etc. Our services include but are not limited to the below:

Heavy-Lift & Project Cargo Surveys - Cargo condition / handling / stowage and lashing before and during loading. Supervision of entire project cargo from site till loading onboard and securely lashed for sea passage. Click for more details.

Damage Survey - as an independent third party to find out the involved fact, and ascertain the extent, the cause, the loss to the cargo's damage and shortage as well as the responsibility. investigation of cargo damage or loss claims on behalf of P&I Clubs, carriers, shippers, consignee, etc. to determine possible cause and/or extent of any damage that may have occurred during shipment and to assist in mitigating further losses.  

Draft Survey - Determine the weight of cargo loaded onto or discharged from a vessel by measuring the displacement of the water (Archimedes Principle).

On/Off Hire Survey - such survey provides the confidence that the vessel is adequately protected from disputes over the vessel's condition to owners or charters when complete a charter agreement. As well, it provides on-hire/off-hire bunker and consumables surveys, inventories and reports on machinery failures, hull damage and fair wear and tear.

Bunker Survey - to establish the quantity, and/or the quality of bunkers on board at time of on/off-hire, inventory control and/or on bunkering, including barge and/or shore tank verification, and sampling as required.

Cargo Pre-Loading Survey - To measure and calculate the cargo's cubic feet/meter for freight payment/stowage purposes, and/or verify its condition by recording all visible damage before shipment and/or at the warehouse/dock for insurance purposes, carriers and/or freight forwarders.

Loading, Handling & Stowage Advice - including stability and stress calculations; advice on draft and trim; safe carriage and discharge; to assure the effectiveness of securing; and for recommending and supervising loading, stowage, lashing, blocking & bracing to ensure the safe carriage of the cargoes .

For more details regarding our Marine Surveys, please give us a call on +97143455002 or email your query to [Reveal email address].


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