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Mary Qi - Operations - Yew Hing Group - China

Mary Qi, Operations, Yew Hing Group, China

Mary Qi, Operations, Yew Hing Group, China

Yew Hing Group, founded in 1993, is an enterprise group which gives priority to international trading of steel products, building materials, electromechanical equipment, and light industrial products, dealing with logistics freight, building decoration, and engineering contracting concurrently. Subordinated to the Group are 3 sole subsidiaries and over 10 domestic and overseas offices, including Yewhing (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd., Yewhing (Angola) Business Trading and Industry Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Yewhing Jiaye Import & Export Co., Ltd.

I am in charge of document processing and my company has been working with Cotecna’s inspection services for more than 3 years in the Africa market.

I like Cotecna because Cotecna provides highly professional and efficient inspection services that meet our requirements.

Mary Qi
Yew Hing Group